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New Moon in Pisces - Align with Your Higher Self

Hello! I wanted to get this post out early in hopes you might read it and take me up on the invitation to release any blocks with the Dark Moon today and then meditate as this upcoming New Moon is happening. This New Moon is in the dreamy, spiritual sign of Pisces and is happening at 9:34am PST on March 2, 2022!

If you've been thinking about wanting to meditate or be more spiritual, this is the perfect time to really feel into these types of practices!

Pisces is the dreamer. We can use this New Moon to really dream, use our imagination, be idealistic... What do we want for ourselves, what do we want for our life, what do we want for the world? Let yourself feel what that feels like. If your brain is fighting you, ask your critic to take a seat for a moment and let your heart do the talking... then bring your mind with it.

What intentions are you wanting to set this month? Are they in line with Pisces? Maybe the house Pisces rules in your Natal chart? if you're unsure about which house that is for you, feel free to reach out to me to get your detailed chart and Moon planner.

If you're new to setting intentions, you can watch a video I filmed live, here. or, check out this past blog post where I detailed the steps.

If you can't decide Maybe select one intention in line with pisces energy - a more meditative or spiritual intention, one in line with the house it rules for your Natal Chart, and one big dream you have for yourself or your life.

At the Spring equinox (Autumnal equinox for southern hemisphere), we will be moving into the astrological New Year with the Sun entering Aries on March 20th. The energy will shift to be much more active, extroverted and fiery. I will also be starting up my Moon Magic Manifesting group with the New Moon in Aries, but more on that later.

For now, this is the time to rest, rejuvenate and recharge. It’s a great time to look inward and then upward. It's a time to heal. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, therefore it represents the culmination of a year-long journey. Look back at the past 12 months since the last astrological new year and see all that’s changed, all the newness you're inviting in and what you’d like to leave behind.

I do feel I should mention that you might feel the Mars/Pluto conjunction around the time of the Pisces New Moon. This could mean some upset, anger, clashing... so it's important to remember to embrace the Pisces energies: breathe deeply, look within, dream about the world you want and focus on the good. You get to choose how you react to anything that comes up. Stick with it, keep those vibrations high. The sun and Jupiter will meet up further into the week (it happens once a year) and this will bring in some good luck, so just trust. Keep believing in all the brilliance, magic, and light of your dreams.

I hope if you're reading this, you're taking it as a sign to really give yourself the time to dream and believe that what you want can be yours. (if you rolled your eyes or had a limiting belief pop up there, please reach out to me, the world could use more people living in a place of love and joy, so let's shift that -- if you want!!) I'm ready to dream and believe in the magic, are you?

Love and Light,


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