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New Moon in Aquarius - What Do You Want to Learn?

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! Happy Lunar New Year (Year of the water Rabbit!), Happy Mercury stationed direct, happy everything!

In case you didn't already know, the Lunar New Year starts on the New Moon in Aquarius each year and culminates on the Full Moon! So, if you've ever wondered why the date changes for the Lunar New Year each year, that is the reason, how fun, right?!

As much as I'm happy to celebrate all the things, (I've even got a mini course on making paper lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year) I'm inspired most by the moon. This New Moon is a super New Moon in the Air sign of Aquarius, and it's the first New Moon of 2023.

Interestingly enough, Mars (planet of action) and Mercury (planet of communication) were both retrograde to start the year (making energies less than ideal for getting motivated) and several people told me they are feeling more aligned with the Lunar New Year as opposed to January 1st to set intentions and make resolutions this year. Does this sound like you? Were you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what resolutions or goals you wanted to set for 2023 on January 1st? That's one of the key components I love about working with the Moon. You get a New Moon each 28-30 days (it's not an exact science) to set intentions and make goals, and if you work with the moon through the whole year, you work on each part of your life!

This New Moon is practically begging for us to shake things up and move in a direction of what we want to learn and how we want to grow, as an individual and as part of the larger collective. I am personally working on my daily creativity practice by painting daily and testing out new art supplies. Actually, I have a 10 day creativity challenge (creating more love) that starts tomorrow and goes until the end of the month if that's something that interests you. If not, think about what does light that inner fire for you. What makes you feel more energetic and excited? That's your souls way of telling you to head in that direction.

Let's use this New Moon to set intentions and REALLY get clear on how to focus and what to focus on. If you're new to setting intentions, you can watch a video I filmed live, here. or, check out this past blog post where I go through the steps, in detail, of creating an inviting place to really lean into creating the future you want.

I will admit, after the past three years, it may be tough to even THINK about making plans. Hats off to you for surviving and being able to roll with the tides, so to speak. However, now is the time to buckle down and take action to create the future you want.

this is a perfect time to make a list, start to really focus and get clear on what direction you are wanting to head. This is doubly important for virgo rising (hi, Virgo rising friends!) as this activates our 6th house which is very much about to-do and check lists (but also health, which is why I started a youtube playlist for wall pilates).

As i've mentioned in previous posts, there are 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses, so This New Moon will effect each house (or rising sign) differently. if you don't know your rising sign (it is likely different than your sun sign!) reach out, I'd love to help you find which house this moon is activating for you. If you do know your rising sign, I really enjoy reading the Well+Good articles about what this moon means for each sign.

I hope if you're reading this, you're taking it as a signal to really sit down and commit to the future you are dreaming of, and that you really deserve (if you rolled your eyes or had a limiting belief pop up there, please reach out to me for a motivational speech or attitude adjustment. The world doesn't have room for more negative energy, we need people to be living in a place of love and joy!!). This New Moon is flirting with Jupiter (planet of luck, abundance, expansion) so that gives an extra boost to dreams, goals, and manifesting powers. I'm ready to focus on what I want in my life, are you?

Love and Light,


New Moon in Aquarius 2023 Worksheet (2)
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