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Full Moon in Cancer: Fear vs. Love

Happy Full Moon! The first Full moon in 2023. In case you're new to the whole Full Moon thing, let me fill you in a bit. Full Moons are about releasing and forgiveness. It's a tug-of-war between the energies of the sign the Sun is in (Capricorn) and the sign the Moon is in (cancer). It's also often times a culmination of what you've been manifesting.

The full moon is happening today (3:07PM PST/6:07Pm EST) in the sign of Cancer, the sign associated with Home and family! This sign is also concerned with nurturing, food, comfort and security. That being said, the full moon generally means high emotions and revealing what may not have been dealt with.

As I mentioned earlier, Full Moons are an invitation to release and to forgive (especially ourselves).

In this lunar phase, The Moon is opposite the sun and fully illuminated. This means the moon is shedding light on the Earth, but also on all things, positive and negative, in our lives. The Sun is currently in the sign of Capricorn, a determined, hardworking sign. This means we could be feeling a pull between the securities/insecurities of Cancer and the cool-headed and determined Capricorn.

This Full Moon reminds us to let go of emotional attachments and what is no longer serving our higher purpose. It also wants us to know that strength and force is not meant to be a permanent state of being. Strength is necessary to carry us through life, however, if we spiritually bypass (ignore our feelings and pretend everything is ok) it can be our undoing.

Another factor during this Full Moon is that Mercury, Mars and Uranus are all retrograde. meaning it's a perfect time to release anything related to misunderstandings, disappointment towards our lack of energy, and being too hard on ourselves and/or others.

Remember, You are the most important person in your life, and it's imperative to take care of yourself before you care truly offer the most love and support to others.

I wrote out a forgiveness list (that included myself) and burned it in order to surrender it to the Divine in order to transform it into love and light as part of my Full Moon Ceremony this month.

It's important that we keep working on forgiveness and release as much as we focus on setting goals and intentions when manifesting. If you've been following me, you know I absolutely love using the moon as my guide in manifesting.

Remember what you focus on will expand. So always aim to concentrate on what you have (gratitude) instead of what you don’t have (lack). The same can be said for fear vs love. When you have a thought, is it rooted in fear or is it rooted in love? If the answer is fear, use your freewill and that beautiful mind of yours to shift into a loving thought pattern. It will shift your entire perception of the world. Be grateful!!!

This is also a time to let the moon cleanse the energy of your oracle and tarot decks, crystals, and yourself! If you want to read more about that, check out my blog post here.

Full Moons are about Forgiveness and release, Opening up space for what you are calling in. Declare yourself worthy! I am so grateful for you!!

Love and Light,


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