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Who invented the X-Acto knife?

If you're not a artist/crafter/hobbyist, you probably don't have an affinity for X-Acto blades quite like I do... then again, even if you are, you still might not love them as much. There's something so satisfying about cleanly slicing a piece of paper, as if it were always meant to be that shape...

Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate my paper cutter, it's quick and easy, but there's always residual edges and indents. With an X-Acto, it's crisp! So who do I have to thank for this precious blade? Polish immigrant and businessman Sundel Doniger, that's who! He founded his company in New York in 1917 fabricating medical syringes, and later, scalpels with interchangeable blades.

Then, in the 1930's, when an in-house designer needed a sharp blade to retouch a print advertisement, that's when Mr. Doniger created the hobby knife! Naturally they became more ergonomic as the years passed, and are still being upgraded.

I'm happy with my basic X-Acto, but also cherish my three handle/30 blade set I got for Christmas a couple years ago. Being the hoarder I am, I don't use the blades in the kit, just the handles and change out the blades with refills... I know, it's crazy, but they look so nice all in their place. And one day I will really need a specialty blade and I'll have it!

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