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New Moon in Aries (again) (and also an Eclipse!)

I have to ask, are you feeling the Big Eclipse Energy? This is a powerful lunation! The second New Moon in Aries in a row and it's a hybrid solar eclipse to boot, kicking of another eclipse season.

Aries New Moon Eclipse :

Solar Eclipses (happening when the moon passes directly in front of the sun) are supercharged New Moons! These portals are capable of offering a quantum leap into your new reality, so if you’re looking for the perfect time to make the commitment to yourself, as well as your dreams and aspirations, it’s now! (Extra super potent if you also happen to be Aries rising, Aries sun or have an Aries heavy chart!)

One key word for this time is “surrender”. Large energetic changes and shifts are likely to occur. You might be feeling a build up of what's not working, and this is encouraging you to release it in order to move forward to bigger and better things… And that's what eclipses are all about.

It’s a time to create space and stillness so you can actually assess what it is you want, and the next best step to take in order to create that in your life.

Remember, Aries is about bold, forward movement; taking charge and not caring what others think. Lean into that energy. Release what weighs you down and connect with your youthful, energetic self, full of fiery passion.

Now is an optimal time to become more aligned with your higher self.

Love and light,


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