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When was Gumby created?

Remember that one time I talked about Doodle requests? Well today was a perfect example of getting late into the day, having dinner plans with friends before a show and needing to get on this Daily Doodle ASAP!

Enter Gumby! I've never personally seen a Gumby episode or the movie, but after researching the little green claymation star, I might have to go looking for an episode! Gumby was created by Art Clokey in 1955. Art pitched the Gumby pilot and NBC green-lit the project to start airing in 1956 (this is also where audiences first meet Pokey).

Art Clokey was a master at claymation. Besides Gumby, Art also produced commercials for Anderson's Pea Soup, Coca Cola, and Budweiser. The Lutheran Church commissioned him to create a religious series for kids (Davey and Goliath), two silent comedies along with other projects.

People love Gumby so much there's even a annual Gumby Fest! I will definitely have to see what all the hoopla is about. Have you seen The Gumby Show?

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