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How big is an Orchid Mantis?

A friend asked if I took requests for my Daily Doodles... I do. Most days I can come about a question organically, but there have been days when nothing has come up and the clock is about to strike 8pm and I have to start wondering random things in order to stay on track.

Having a request gives me the opportunity to get a doodle knocked out early in the day... or at least sketch it out early and wait until towards the end of the evening to paint it... Anywho, today is the first request of the book - Orchid Mantis!

The Orchid Mantis is an incredibly beautiful and stunning creature! Known scientifically as Hymenopus coronatus. The female orchid mantis can grow to two and a half inches in length and live around eight months. The male mantis is smaller (only about an inch in length) and matures more quickly and will live around five to six months.

They resemble flowers in order to attract food and also to fool predators. Surprisingly they don't hide out in actual orchids as one might expect. The orchid mantis looks so similar to a flower it can hide in plain sight and attract insects. They mainly eat butterflies and moths, though can also eat jungle fruit.

It is a special creature to be sure. What's another creature you know to have incredible camouflage?

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