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When is Kiwi season?

I didn't really think about there being a "kiwi season" until I walked into the grocery store and saw a pack of kiwis and realized I hadn't seen them in the store. I know, everything has a season, duh. But you know how it is, sometimes you don't really think about something right away... Anywho, I bought them and then Googled the season.

Go figure, kiwifruit (yes, kiwifruit) grows at different times of the year depending on where on the globe you are. In the United States, 98% of the kiwifruit are grown in California, and the kiwifruit season is October - May. Even though there are over 40 kiwifruit varieties, the California grown variety is Hayward. Apparently they are the most popular variety because they are large in size and sweet.

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