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New Moon in Capricorn!

For those of you who don't already know, New Moons signify a cosmic reset, a rebirth, and are a great time to set intentions. The New Year is also seen as a new beginning. For me, that’s why this first New Moon of 2022 (Jan 2, 10:33am PST) is so magical! The stars are aligned (pun intended) for really getting clear on what you want to bring into reality.

The first New Moon of a calendar typically occurs in the determined sign of Capricorn. A main theme for this sign is Discipline, and now is the perfect time to take control of yourself and your dreams, dig deep, and map out your goals and wishes for the upcoming month and year. I wrote a blog post about setting intentions with the New Moon, you can find it here.

Moonology creator, Yasmin Boland has this message to share about the New Moon in Capricorn via her Moonology Manifestation Cards:

Step Up and Lead

The good news is that you know what you want and, on some level, you know how to get it. Step up and know that you’re the boss of your own life. A new, more disciplined approach is needed, or a new plan. Strategy is called for. ambition isn’t a dirty word. There’s no such thing as too big a goal, but break your plans into smaller achievable pieces. Slow and steady wins the race. Release any blocks to success.

Capricorn in it's natural house (10th), is an especially good sign for matters related to your professional life, life goals and ambitions, or a work colleague... Sound like a New Year yet?!

If you know what Astrological house this New Moon is activating for you, greaT, you can also harness the extra energy there and use it as a guide for setting an intention for this lunar cycle relating to your Natal chart. For Example, if Capricorn rules your 5th house, You might set an intention around romance, creativity, or your pursuit of pleasure (If you don't know about your chart or your houses and you're curious, reach out to me)!

Bottom line, if you're not super clear on what you want, now is the time to get there! You're worth it, the world needs more people who are truly happy and following their passions. Let's be the light for others to do the same! If you want to know how this New Moon could have, check out this Well+Good article and read for your rising sign (If you don’t know your rising sign, reach out or feel free to read for your sun sign).

I'd love to know how I can support you on your journey and please let me know if you need any guidance on working with the magic of manifesting
with the Moon!!

Love and light,

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