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New Moon in Cancer - Clean Slate

Breathe in... Breathe out... The New Moon in Cancer takes place June 28th, 2022 at 7:52pm PDT, and it's asking for some self-care, positivity and beginning anew.

We had the summer solstice a week ago when the sun entered the sign of Cancer. Fun fact, the summer solstice always happens at the moment the sun enters the sign of Cancer! When the Moon catches the sun in the sky, that's when we get a New Moon, happening about once a month (moonth, get it?!). This is the start of a new cosmic cycle.

The energy of cancer deals with home, where feels like home, family, and our sense of security. This sign is ruled by the Moon, so it also indicates our emotions and where we feel safe, which could take center stage.

Take some time to ask yourself if you've been attending to family and home matters, and if you've been nurturing yourself enough and caring for yourself in a way that the MVP of your life deserves to be taken care of. If for some WILD reason you don't view yourself as the MVP in your life, or that you deserve anything less than the best, let's chat about that.

This lunation reminds us that how we take care of ourselves is important. When We ensure ourselves and loved ones are safe and secure, we can tend to our needs in a loving manner and that goes a long way in manifesting the life you want to live.

Speaking of manifesting, NOW IS THE TIME!! Cancer is ruled by the moon, so this is a double dose of manifesting power! Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac, but Cancer also provides an initiator energy, what with the start of summer and all. This is the ideal time to take stock, make a gratitude list for what you have, and start dreaming about what the future holds. I love doing creative visualization exercises for this... taking the mental picture and start to bring it into the physical world!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention New Moons are also an emotional time (Think about the effects it has on the tides). This could also be a time of letting go of the past, addressing trauma, and healing. This obviously can bring on deep feelings on a conscious and subconscious levels. The Moon deals with emotions, so this makes sense on an astrological level.

Speaking of astrology, I also want to mention Neptune starts it's retrograde at this time as well. This can indicate hidden emotions and new realizations coming to the surface, including how we approach relationships and feelings. In case you're panicking about a retrograde, don't. Neptune spends about half the year in retrograde, and honestly, it offers us a chance for revision when it comes to our dreams and creativity. How fitting that it's combined with the New Moon! BRINGING IT BACK AROUND!!

But seriously, if you were looking for a sign or a new beginning, this is it! YOU ARE WORTH IT! The world needs more love, beauty and magic, and you can make a difference. Be the change, be the beauty, be the love, be the magic!

I’d love to hear (or if you snap a pic, I’d love to see!) if you gifted yourself the time to preform a New Moon Intention Ceremony! If you post about it on your social media, please tag me, or send me a message directly.

Love and Light,


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