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New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio - Sometimes endings are beginnings

Happy New Moon in Scorpio, and with an eclipse no less! This passionate water sign already carries with it a strong energy, and when coupled with an eclipse... well let's just say sometimes 1+1 does in fact equal more than two!

For those of you who are freaking out (even just a little) might I remind you energy flows where your focus goes, so let's focus on the positives, shall we? I like to think of eclipses as an extra charge... think big things on the horizon, and what you put energy towards will likely be those big things, so let's drop any ill-will and aim high for our own growth and prosperity!

New Moons are a time for setting intentions, and taking aim at what you truly want. Please be mindful about your New Moon wishes, be precise and make sure it's actually what you want, because you will likely get it! always know, If you believe it, you can achieve it!

If you know your rising sign, you can figure out which house this New Moon in Scorpio is activating and set intentions around that. For example, as a virgo rising (scorpio sun, Sagittarius Moon) Scorpio rules my 3rd house, house of communication, short trips, sibling and neighbors. If you don't know your rising sign, reach out and let's get your natal chart cast!

If you are wanting to connect with the energy of scorpio as it stands in the natural chart (8th house) think money, death/rebirth, sex, and things that are taboo or that most people don't like to talk about.

Connecting with your sexy self is very Scorpio. Remember, being sexy doesn't mean worrying about what other's may think, it's about knowing you're worth it. Think: "I'm sexy and I know it!" If you're in a relationship, now's the time to spice things up a bit!

It's also a time to invest wisely. The 8th house is a money zone, but not like the 2nd house where it's about possessions, worth, and value, it's about where your money meets others... such as loans, partnerships, salary, and also wills/inheritance. So if you want to start (or end) a financial partnership, taking out (or paying off) a loan, getting into (or out of) a business partnership, etc. now's a perfect time.

This is also the perfect time to make peace with any negative emotions or feelings you have from past experiences with yourself or others (grudges, jealousy, anger... all very much sign of scorpio which is traditionally ruled by the planet Mars and since it's discovery, Pluto). Acknowledge the energy coming through and then release it. You do not have time or energy to spare on that lower vibration piffle. That doesn't mean spiritually bypass it (stuff it down and not deal with it), it simply means you can bless it for what it was, what it taught you, or the person you were in that moment in order to become who you wish to become, and then send it on it's way. Fill that space with gratitude! Celebrate your blessings and more will come your way.

And remember to BREATHE! Scorpio can be deep, emotional and, well, extra. So when you add an eclipse you might find yourself with energy and emotions to spare, so keep up the deep breathing, make time to meditate and definitely embrace your creative side!

I'm currently working on a Kali painting. She is a Goddess Associated with Scorpio, life, death and rebirth.

You might have been feeling that creative energy already with the sun and Venus conjunction a couple days ago. The transit fits well with the New Moon in Scorpio as it is a great time to start new relationships and dive deeper into the ones we choose to keep.

Venus will be playing a staring role in this New Moon. This is a supercharged time to make any changes in your money and love manifestations, so make sure they are mentioned in your New Moon wishes this cycle.

A few more tidbits about some other astrological happenings is that we are down to three planets in retrograde (Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune). Saturn stationed direct two days ago and Mercury and Pluto earlier this month. You can check out my past blog post to learn more about the retrograde energies.

Here's to positive vibes, and welcomed changes! If you are interested in a creative practice, I offer a few paid and free workshops, and there are New and Full Moon worksheets available for free on my site that you can use to lean into the ritual of the Lunar Cycle. If you have an ah-ha moment or you're feeling aligned with this message, let me know! I love hearing from you, or tag me on social media so we can keep in contact.

Love and Light,


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