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Mercury in Pisces - Connect with the Divine

Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, has moved into the sign of Pisces -- the last sign in the zodiac, which can symbolize the divine. What better time than now to really connect to a higher power; God, The Divine, Source, whatever that is for you. This month I'm exploring Goddess Energy by connecting with the Divine Feminine!

I was invited to be one of the 21 guides for the Festival of Feminine Power + Artistry and the timing definitely feels Divine. I will be leading a course connecting with the energy of Isis, goddess of the Moon, Magic and Creativity (how amazing is that)!

The Sun and Mercury joining up in Pisces offers us an invitation to reconnect not only with the Divine, but with our hopes and dreams. This is also ideal timing to get ready to manifest the life you desire starting with the New Moon in Aries! So many amazing opportunities popping up, and I'm giddy with excitement.

Aquarius (the previous sign Mercury was in) is analytical and about humanity, the collective as a larger picture and wants to move forward with change and evolution (traditionally ruled by Saturn, but dances with Uranus since it's discovery). Pisces is more dreamy and as a water sign, it's about feelings... it's a more soulful sign.

Mercury in the sign of Pisces also means we can Say what we need to say in a nicer way. Now is the time where one conversation can change everything. So keep those vibes high. many ideal alignments are coming up, the positive signs keep coming in 2022, so we can bet it will get better and better.

Ask yourself, Am I thinking the way I want others to think (and I don't mean your opinions; I mean forgiving, loving, positively), Am I being the change I want to see, am I being the light I wish to see in the world? If we can start to be more of what we want to see, the world will start to change in that direction. We attract what we focus on.

If you can't wrap your head around that, tHink about when you smile at a stranger, hold the door open for someone, compliment a person on their shoes in passing... it sends out a positive message and positive energy, which they feel and then share. It's the "pass it on" vibe, I just ask that you are mindful about what vibes you're passing on.

Circling back to Pisces, the most Luminous sign of the zodiac, we're still being called to take time to relax, recharge, take a moment, regroup, and find time to Meditate. It doesn't need to be a long guided meditation. Something as simple as 30 seconds of sitting down, closing your eyes, breathing in deeply, creating space, holding for a moment and exhaling what is no longer needed. Inhale the love, the light, the trust... exhale the worry, the tension, the drama.

So with that, I invite you to take this opportunity to clear out any old, stagnant, negative energy. You no longer need to keep holding on to it. Let it go. Transmute it into love. Dream those big dreams, count your blessings, have some fun, connect with your inner child and play. If you choose to join us at the Festival of Feminine Power + Artistry, I'll see you there, if not, let me know how you are connecting to your higher self and/or higher power, I'd love to hear and see what you're up to!

Love and Light,


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