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Happy International Astrology Day!!

I'm just tickled by life right now! Happy Astrology Day, happy first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, or First day of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, happy Aries season... lots of exciting things!!

My big exciting news today is to officially announce I am launching my course, "Life Is Your Masterpiece - how to Create a life you love!"

I've been using "Life is Your Masterpiece" as my slogan for ages, and I knew it was destined for something bigger than a slogan. I realized it is what I wanted to call this course that is about choosing what you want and creating a life you love.

I'll be honest, I am in an incredible transition moment in my life, just about everything has shifted in the last 6 months. I really dove back into my artistic practice towards the end of 2019 (what an intuitive moment that turned out to be!) I started a coaching training just over a year ago and I'm now a featured coach in a Festival of Feminine Power + Artistry.

I've been playing with manifesting (and I can definitely say it's what brought me to this major life shift!) and I wanted to really jump in and share the magic of it all... being mindful, setting intentions, using intuition, Manifesting, using the moon as a cosmic timer and the stars as guiding lights... all of it! And what better time than the start of the Zodiac Calendar?! Aries is the sign of New beginnings, fresh starts, creative energy, boldness, passion and enthusiasm!

I have been interested in astrology pretty much as long as I can remember, and I fell in love with Moonology at first discovery, so using the two crafts as a foundation for this course feels like a very natural next step. Because I am who I am (ruling number 3!), there will be some level of creativity in the mix in order to help switch from the highly analytical left-brain into the intuitive and creative right-brain. I promise loads of ah-ha moments and life-changing breakthroughs, as long as you're up for it!

The biggest thing to remember right now is that you have a choice, and big Dreams and lofty goals are made up of tons of tiny choices. So, Will you join me? Are you ready to create a life you love? The course launches April 1st, 2022 with the New Moon in Aries, the start of the natural zodiac chart. I'll be releasing more information as the days go by, but for now I wanted to fan the flames of that fire you have inside of you and see the spark twinkle in your eye... You know it's possible, you just have to choose!

Love and Light,


P.s. If you're interested in the Festival of Feminine Power + Artistry, what it promotes, or how it's helping to support women through creativity, click here.

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