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Full Moon in Virgo - You are Enough

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!! Daylight savings time started in America at the beginning of the week and we are experiencing the Full Moon in Virgo, known as the Worm Moon (a time when the earthworms start to make their appearance from the freshly thawed ground, depending on your location). Winter will officially come to an end with the arrival of the vernal equinox, taking place in three days, on Sunday, March 20, at 8:33 a.m. PDT. Wow, that’s a lot of shifting energy!

This is last full moon in this current zodiac cycle. It is a time to decide what you want for this upcoming cycle. What moves forward and what is left behind?

This Full Moon in Virgo asks where have you been too critical? Was it with yourself, someone else, perhaps both? How have you shown up for others, and how have they shown up for you? Not a tit-for-tat… more about finding the balance between your own needs and that of your loved ones.

A perfect thing to do now is write a forgiveness list, think about the dramas and frustrations in your life and decide if you're ready to forgive in order to move on! Create space. Ohhhh, I love this! It has come up a few times in the past few days. Universe saying pay attention to this! This keeps circling back around!! Denise Francis- Robinson was the one who really drove this idea home for me. Create space, write your forgiveness list, and let it go. Burn it (safely), tear it up, plant it, transmute it into love, into gratitude. Write your gratitude list and use that to fill the space you created by forgiving and releasing. Write a gratitude list, and release that too. But feel free to hold onto that energy. Remember, you get to choose what to focus on.

Yasmin Boland has been saying, "Be the Light, hold the light, spread the light." and According to her Moonology Manifestation cards, the Full Moon in Virgo is asking for inspired action, and the card literally says, "bursting with goddess energy", How fitting is that?! I love how the energy lines up with the Goddess Festival of Feminine Power + Artistry! Starting in less than 2 weeks!

As one of the 21 Life artists and coaches in the festival, I am leading a class about connecting with the energy of the Goddess Isis, daughter of Nut (pronounced 'newt')! Nut is the Egyptian Goddess Who swallows the sun each night and gives birth to it each day, reminding us we have a fresh start each day. We get to choose how we show up.

Speaking of how things are showing up, I'd like to mention the Moon is making a harmonious aspect with Pluto, the planet of transformation! it begs the question, how do we want to transform? What do we need to release in order to move forward? Do you need to shed self-doubt, an old habit, a toxic relationship? What is it you are ready to forgive and release? I can't mention this enough for the Full Moon!

Sticking with the Egyptian Goddess theme, May your heart be lighter than a feather after you release your forgiveness list. May forgiveness open up space for you to count more blessing, may you see the magic in each moment. You are enough! and so it is!

Love and Light,


P.s. If you're interested in the Festival, what it promotes, or how it's helping to support women through creativity, click here.

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