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Full Moon in Taurus -- Clear Financial blocks

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Be honest, did you click to read about the Full Moon or the releasing of any blocks around money? Or are you excited to learn about both?!

The full moon happening tonight (midnight:57 PST/3:57am EST) will be happening in Taurus, the sign associated with money! This sign is also concerned with nurturing, creating security, safety and emotional reliability – things that are also very important to the moon.

Full Moons are an invitation to release. The Moon is opposite the sun and fully illuminated during this lunar phase. So of course it is shedding light on all the things, positive and negative. If you follow me, you might have set intentions with the New Moon, and this Full Moon phase is letting you know those intentions have been signed, sealed, and sent off into the cosmos.

Because the Full Moon is occurring in the Money sign of Taurus, it can be an especially potent time to release negativity around money! ARE YOU READY TO RELEASE YOUR MONEY BLOCKS? Are you ready to forgive yourself or anyone else who has lead you away from financial abundance and create space for money to flow your way?

This Full Moon, which also has a partial eclipse (basically supercharging the Full Moon) is THE perfect time to start to clear yourself of money blocks or limiting beliefs surrounding finances. If you're not sure whether you have money blocks, I'll put a few of the main blocks below:

1. It's difficult to earn money.

2. I never have any money.

3. Money is the root of all evil.

4. I’m bad with money.

5. money scares me.

If you're ready to change your beliefs, take a few minutes this evening to write down what you are releasing and what you will be replacing it with. An example could be "I am releasing the thought that I don't want money because it's evil. I know having money will help me support my family and my community and I will be able to serve myself and others at a higher level when money flows in easily."

Remember what you focus on will expand. So always aim to concentrate on what you have instead of what you don’t have. It will shift your entire perception of the world. Be grateful.

This is also a time to let the moon cleanse the energy of your oracle and tarot decks, crystals, and yourself! If you want to read more about that, check out my blog post here.

Full Moons are about Forgiveness and release, Opening up space for what you are calling in. Declare yourself worthy! I am so grateful for you!!

Love and Light,


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Nov 19, 2021

You give Interesting thoughts about money. I move away from money, but I know there is an energy exchange in the processor doing a service. I should be more assertive for myself.

Nov 19, 2021
Replying to

Yes, Kathy! I have been learning that some people are even more likely to accept help/healing/information if they've paid money. It's amazing what we can do! Perfect moon for releasing the old story in order to open up space for our new beliefs!

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