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Full Moon in Pisces - Take a moment

Happy Full Moon, and in the mystical water sign of Pisces no less! The Full Moon will occur in Pisces at 2:58 A.M. PDT September 10, 2022.

Full Moons are a time for letting go, releasing what is no longer serving you. This Full Moon is opposite the sun in Virgo, the sign ruling daily routines, habits, and health, which puts emphasis into releasing and relinquishing anything no longer serving you in those areas, but also around the energies of Pisces which rules the spiritual, the unknown and meditation, to name a few.

Meditation is highly recommended at any point, but especially when the Moon is in Pisces, and again, the fact it's a Full Moon is all the more energy in this area! So if you're wanting to start a habit or routine that involves meditating but haven't quite fit it in your schedule yet, now is the time to release your block and allow it to become a daily ritual!

Full Moons are also about finding a balance between the two energies of what sign the sun is and what sign the moon is in. this Moon we have the serving, give of yourself Virgo energy and the more inward focused, mysterious and secretive Pisces energy. So it might be an indication to withdraw al look at where you are giving and where you might be hiding, take stock, and realign in the direction you wish to be heading.

This lunar phase is also seen as a time of culmination, and this specific moon is known as the Harvest Moon, which is the epitome of culmination! You can also take this opportunity to look at what you sowed and what you are currently reaping. Is it what you want, Or are you wanting to recalibrate your daily habits and routines in order to set yourself up for a different harvest? Speaking of Recalibrating, this is also an ideal time to cleanse any energetic items like crystals, oracle decks or the like. With the combination of the Sun's Yang energy reflecting and bouncing off the Yin Moon energy, it's the perfect energetic balance.

I also would like to make sure to mention Mercury is currently retrograde, which is simply a reminder to be patient with communication (talking, emails, reading, technology, etc) and another indicator to step back, double check where you are and what you want, release what isn't working, and fill that space with more of what you do want.

A Full Moon forgiveness and gratitude ceremony is always a plus, if you choose to carve out the time! Trust me, it's worth it. Here's where you can find a freebie of the ceremony I follow, and also for a New Moon ceremony as well!

If you know your rising sign, you will also benefit from checking which house this Full Moon is triggering for you. If you don't know your rising sign, reach out and I will cast your chart so you can dig a little deeper into what information this Lovey Lunar Lady can provide you with!

Love and Light,


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