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"Me" vs. "We" - Full Moon in Libra

Updated: May 15, 2022

The Moon is officially Full on April 16 at 11:55 a.m., PDT, and happens in Libra, the sign of relationships, partnerships (be they romantic, platonic, or familial), and if you’re Virgo or Pisces rising -- it’s also in a money house for you! If you’re unsure of your rising sign, grab your birth date, place and time and send it my way so we can get your natal chart cast.

Full Moons are about finding a balance between opposing energies, forgiveness and releasing. The Full Moon in Libra invites us to look at the “me” vs “we”. How are your relationships? Do they feel balanced or are they leaning heavier on the “me” or “you” side? Maybe you feel you’ve been over giving of yourself which has put your needs second fiddle, or perhaps you’ve been the one who who could start thinking more about the other side of the relationship.

If you find yourself feeling some old resentment or tension coming to the surface, this could be influenced by the fact the moon and sun are squaring Pluto -- the planet of transformation and rebirth.

I have definitely felt this energy coming on as the weekend drew near, and I kept holding space for gratitude for my Full Moon ceremony that I knew I had planned for Friday evening. Now you may be thinking, “Friday evening? I thought you said the Moon is full on Saturday?!” And you are right, but the moon will be at her fullest when I can’t see her in the sky (the Moon will be beyond the horizon for me), so I like to do my release working before the moon hits the fullest point. I also enjoy basking in her luminous glory as I picture all the people and situations I’m forgiving floating away in bubbles, out to be transformed and transmuted into love.

I really committed to my Full Moon forgiveness work during my Moonology certification. If you’ve never heard of a Full Moon forgiveness ceremony, check out the worksheet I created. It will walk you through step by step on how to do your own ceremony!

I love gifting myself the opportunity to clear out the negative energy and fill myself up with gratitude! manifesting is an ongoing cycle, just like the lunar cycle, and that’s why I think I feel so called to working with the moon. If you also work with the moon, you surely can attest to the beauty of the ongoing cycle, and if you haven’t worked with the moon, I really encourage you to give it a try, it’s worth it!

Speaking of oracle cards and the Lunar cycle, I pulled the Fish card from Kim Krans "The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit" Deck this evening under the Full Moon and I'm in LOVE with this timing.

I think my favorite part, or at least the part that I felt the deepest when I read the message was, "Spend some time with the lunar forces, dear Fish, as the peace and calm of the moon will soothe your soul." I totally resonate with the way looking at the moon causes me to stop and take a deep breath. I mean, when was the last time you really looked at the moon and really took a moment to just be?

During this potentially high emotion lunation, I would encourage you to acknowledge any past upsets you may find in circling in your awareness and really reflect on them. You can think about the light of the Full Moon illuminating anything that may have been hiding in the dark. Rather than reaching out right away to try and resolve or readdress any upset, acknowledge where you are and how you feel about the situation. Be gentle with yourself and others during this time. As I mentioned, Emotions run high during this part of the lunar cycle, and it’s important to try and find and embrace love and compassion, which is ideal for the Venus-ruled Libra.

This lunation could also be triggering thoughts about your self-worth and it’s important to honor what comes up. If your self-worth is low, try to find what beliefs you have that could be causing these thoughts. It’s also important to check in with your value system at this time. Remember, it’s ok to make changes around your values as you evolve. You have the power to release old programming and thought patterns and the choice is yours to make! I must mention, this doesn’t happen overnight just because you rocked your Full Moon ceremony, but small steps lead to big progress, so keep working and aiming in the direction you want to go.

Love and Light,


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