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Full Moon in Aries!

The Full Moon in Aries arrives October 20 7:56am PST.
A cardinal fire sign, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and it intends to stay in the lead at all costs.

This moon/house combo helps us burn through any stagnant energy holding us back from our deepest magic.

Like all signs, Aries has two sides. The empowered expression and the shadow expression. On the empowered side, the Aries archetype is all about being a warrior, leadership, pioneering and going forth with confidence.

On the shadow side, Aries energy is known to bring agitation, fights, aggression, frustration and lashing out in anger. Be mindful of this energy and allow yourself to shift if need be.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars – also known as the “Planet of War”. We can expect this energy to be particularly strong this week.

This full moon also occurs almost immediately after Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury go direct. What? Did you think Mercury was the only planet in retrograde?! This is great news for igniting a period of growth as retrogrades usually work on teaching us valuable lessons.

Transformation is key at this time, both physically and mentally. Physically, here in the Northern Hemisphere, daylight is getting shorter; plants begin to wither, returning gracefully back to the earth for winter. In the Southern Hemisphere there is also transformation taking place, but with new growth! Mentally speaking, our egos begin to recede, attempting to make room for others, often by first deepening our understanding of the important relationships in our lives currently.

There is much to learn from the assertive energy of Aries, but we must balance that assertion with consideration — not only for our actions and their consequences, but also for those they affect. Because this full moon is squaring off with Pluto — the celestial body powered by sex, taboos and regeneration through ruin — you may feel called to destructive or downright egregious behavior.
My suggestion, resist the urge to act recklessly. Lean away! Take this time instead to shine a light on the roots of these feelings and allow them a creative place to bloom.

Full moons are a time for release of what is no longer serving you, and you can do just that in a respectful and healthy manner. Above all else, the Full Moon in Aries asks us where we need to find balance between our personal, ego-centric desires and the desires of those around us. Compromise is needed to create room for true collaboration and evolution.

However, don’t abandon your desires. You can nurture them, just as long as it doesn’t lead to the downfall of others. This is a time of finding creative solutions that allow you to honor both what is yours and what is not.

All of this will likely be amplified given the amount of time we’ve spent in self-reflection due to so many of the larger planets being in retrograde over the past few months. What? Did you think it was just Mercury?!

Pluto was is retrograde from April 27 to October 6, and likely had us wondering about our relationship to power. Now that Pluto is direct, we are invited to step into our power (if you haven’t already), or perhaps you are being called to empower others if you’ve failed to do so in the past.

Saturn, was retrograde from May 23 to October 10, which plays on how, where and why we place unnecessary limits on our potential. Now is the time to build stable structures that free us from self-limiting behavior!

Jupiter, being retrograde from June 20 to October 18 pushed us to evaluate the beliefs that rule our perception of life. Now, Jupiter invites us to shed those beliefs like the cocoon of a caterpillar, expand to our fullest potential and fly like a beautiful butterfly.

And finally—Mercury, after being retrograde from September 27 to October 18, urged us to examine the processes and habits that kept us stuck in Groundhog-Day-like experiences. Now is the time to implement new processes and habits that allow us to finally start a new cycle… unless you prefer to repeat the same feelings and experiences.

these planets moving direct in combination with the powerfully-supported fire of this Full Moon in Aries, we have everything we need to finally propel forward. Jupiter will magnify the energy you put out (be mindful of that energy!) and Pluto and Mars will add some spice to the mix. Stay open, stay curious.

Focus on releasing anything that no longer serves you during this full moon, so you can free yourself from all the lessons the last few months have taught you. Smudging your space, relaxing in a cleansing bath, meditating (especially on your inner child who wants connection and doesn't harbor resentment or anger) or even just journaling under the moon can help the process along.

Ask yourself, "In what ways do you create division in yourself? In what ways are you hyper independent? In what ways can you unify yourself and create unity with others?"

All signs will feel the energy of this full moon, so embrace it and allow it to connect you deeper with your magic. If you want to check out how this moon will affect your sign specifically, check out this beautiful article from WELL+GOOD or from Rising Woman

As always, the way a Full Moon impacts us depends so much on our own Natal chart. We don’t all experience transits same, it depends on how the planets interplay with our charts. If you want to know more about your own personal natal chart, send me an email or comment about it on this post!

Happy Full Moon!

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