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Daily Doodle Messenger - Day 20: Plum Blossom

I felt after the vulture, I wanted a more "beautiful" messenger. The opposite of death and decay is probably a fragrant, sweet, edible flower, right? But, I also wanted a "strong" messenger, so I connected with the Plum Blossom. It's similar to the Cherry Blossom, but the petals are a little more round, which for me, equates to more "soft". That being said, Plum Blossoms are actually really strong and are often connected with perseverance and endurance since they often blossom in the cold harsh winter weather. Oh what a perfect messenger, to beautiful, sweet and incredibly strong!

Day 20: Plum Blossom

Symbolism: Resilience, endurance, strength, courage, perseverance, beauty.

Message: Be ready to work for what you want. If you are courageous and resilient, you will find the strength to endure hardships and see brighter days. You can be beautiful AND persevere.

I encourage you to share any insights, ah-ha moments, or special messengers that have graced you with a message as well.

Love and light,


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