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Paint Brushes

Creative Courses

I offer courses which will guide you through creative exploration and realization. There are courses for all experience levels, from complete beginners to advanced artists, and for children of all ages. We even have classes where you can discover how to use art as a way to express and create a safe place to explore (and not worry about staying in the lines)!

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I love to celebrate my journey and honor the twists and turns! All the pieces created up until this point are steps used to arrive at this current place. There are sketches, marker drawings, paintings, custom projects and more. It is such a joyous experience to look at creative expressions from the past, and use them to build on the future.



I am a certified Moonologer (where astrology meets the Moon and conscious creation), I cast and read natal charts and practice cartomancy (the art of reading cards). I connect with energies, messengers and symbols which offer guidance for myself and others.

Leather Camera

Photography & Cinematography

I love to tell stories through cinematography; it's amazing how beautiful a simple Saturday morning at home can be when you notice the small details. I also find beauty in capturing moments with photography, and freeze that split second in time. I offer professional photos, videos, slideshows, capturing special events and more. 

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