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Who invented Baileys?

My mom is a lover of Baileys. For a couple years they had a mint chocolate Baileys which she loved even more, but alas, that good thing came to an end (Baileys, if you're reading this, can you please bring that back, it would make my mom so happy). So once again, I found myself wondering, who came up with such a drink?

Well, Mac Macpherson and Hugh Reade Seymour-Davies of course! Ok, ya I didn't know that until I did some serious research, but now I know! Apparently these two guys came up with the idea and created the first taster of the drink in 45 minutes. Can you believe it?! Crazy!

The story goes something like this, It was a lovely day in May 1973, two guys sitting around (Mac having come in 90 minutes earlier, Hugh having just strolled in) They were working for a project for International Distillers & Vintners, an Irish company who wanted them to create a new drinks brand for export.

Macpherson had experience in the dairy company, a shining star for Ireland along with it's Irish whiskey. Mac asked if they could use his dairy experience and Hugh thought adding cream to Irish Whiskey would definitely be worth a try! So to the market they go, mix cream and Irish whiskey to find it was awful. So they added sugar, and it was closer, but not quite there... So one more stroll down the aisles lead them to Cadbury powdered drinking chocolate. It was good enough they bottled in and a rinsed out tonic bottle and pitched it to Tom Jago of IDV, and the rest as you say, is history.

Bottom line, my mom loves it, and I love my mom, therefore I'm happy it's a thing:) Cheers!

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