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Which states don't observe daylight savings time?

Ok, so I'm not sure why but daylight savings time, or lack there of, has really been messing with me this year. I don't want it to be dark at 4pm! I don't mind waking up in the dark, I enjoy watching sunrises! The early sunsets however, just isn't my jam. And wasn't there a bunch of stuff in the news about voters saying yes, keep us on daylight savings time?! Funny story, well ok, not funny, but interesting to say the least. It's not that easy.

Several states have actually passed legislation stating they will be staying on daylight savings time, or standard time, and won't be participating in the "spring forward" & "fall back" any longer... but congress has to sign off in order for it to actually become a thing. So, even though voters said, "no thanks, I'm not interested in this tradition any longer" and the states have passed it into a law, it can't actually take place until congress says, "we agree, go ahead."

So at this point in time (though I'm sure changes are on the horizon... pun intended). Hawaii and (most of*) Arizona are the only two states who are consistent year-round with their clocks. *It should be noted the Navajo reservations in Arizona observe daylight savings time).


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