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When were scissors invented?

I spent the morning running errands with my friend (by errands, I mean some Christmas shopping and craft store hopping). My friend was talking about her daughter's teacher cutting out snowmen for the whole class... to which I was going, "um that's why Cricut machines were invented! What would a sane person be doing cutting snowman out with scissors?!"

Fast forward a few hours to me using scissors to trim some washi tape on a book pocket, and I realized I really do appreciate my scissors... And just like that, Daily Doodle December 9th, 2019 came to be. "When were scissors invented?"

An exact date is unknown because scissors are thought to have first appeared in the Middle East around 3000-4000 years ago! And to think, the toothbrush was in the 1400's! Priorities, am I right? Though scissors have definitely improved, and there's a different type of scissor now for each specific job, it does seem the spring type scissors all those years ago probably got the job done! And I sure am glad for my multiple pairs of scissors (even though I probably wouldn't use any of them to cut out snowmen).

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