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When were Bic lighters invented?

Fair warning, this post is about lighters... and some silliness, so if that makes you uncomfortable, stop reading now. My sister FaceTimed to let me know if a lighter gets heated to a high enough temperature, it will explode... not a fire ball explosion, but definitely a loud pop that will scare you! Um, duh!! And the she shows me her low cost plastic lighter and I rolled my eyes... "Why aren't you using a Bic!?" I asked her, she proceeded to explain her household goes through 100+ lighters a year with burning and misplacing and borrowing and loaning, etc.

I'm the person who has had the same paper crane decorated Bic lighter for years. I carry it with me almost everywhere, TSA, I hope this doesn't get me in trouble... I have several lighters, but more as an art collection than the need to actually light something. I'm always scooping out the Bic selection at store to see if there is one my shelf couldn't possibly live without.

Not surprisingly, the pen/disposable razor giant 'Bic' decided to expand into other ventures including purchasing a lighter company in 1971. Bic launched their first adjustable flame lighter in 1973. They introduced their Bic Mini in 1985 and their non-adjustable flame lighter in 1987. And the moment I didn't know I had waited for, the first decorated lighter... The "California Edition" made it's appearance in 1990.

Do you have any special Bic designs that make you happy? Are you a specific color? Or maybe a "just not white" kind of person?

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