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When was See's Candies founded?

Speaking of chocolate... See's Candies anyone? Um, yes please!

Today is my dad's birthday, and if there's anyone who loves chocolate more than me, it's him! We aren't picky either. We will eat whatever brand of chocolate we have on hand, but for a special occasion, we splurge on See's... well, my Nana splurges on See's. She's the one who introduced us to See's after all.

So how long has See's Candies been around you might wonder. Since 1921! A Canadian chocolate salesman names Charles A. See moved to Los Angeles, California with his family and his mother, Mary and opened his first shop selling his mom's homemade candies made from her original recipes. It didn't take long for the business to expand; just four years later there were a dozen See's chocolate shops across L.A.

See's isn't just a company who makes excellent chocolate either! They're also the innovator behind the volume discount! Say what?! I know right. Apparently, in 1929, during the Great Depression, many candy shops were forced to close their doors, but See's was able to offer their candy at almost half the price for any prepaid order over 50lbs! Not that I'd want to live through the Great Depression, but I'd totally be down to prepay for a 50lb order of See's candy for only $21.00!

See's continued to expand, and made it through the WWII rationing, keeping their quality, but limiting the amount of candy produced each day. Customers were loyal, thanks to the excellent quality and in 1961 See's opened its first shop outside of California.

Remember the Geico post from earlier this week? The part about Geico being bought by Warren Buffet and becoming a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway? Welp, count See's as part of the Berkshire Hathaway family too, as of 1972. See's continued to expand, making it onto the international stage in 1976, online in 1995, and into the Guinness Book of World Records for their largest lollipop in 2012 (weighing over 7000lbs). They've also gained acclaim as one of America's Greatest Brands (named by Fortune in 2014), Top 25 best places to work in 2017, and America's Best Customer Service nod by Newsweek in 2019.

Bottom line, See's is a top-notch company who produces top-notch chocolate. Now the only question is, which candy is your favorite?

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