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When was Oregon Backcountry Outfitting started?

Happy birthday, Brian Sanders! He's the owner/operator of Oregon Backcountry Outfitting. A business he is very proud of and has been successful at guiding people to where they need to be. So my question for today is, "when was Oregon Backcountry Outfitting founded?"

Brian Sanders founded Oregon Backcountry Outfitting in May 2017. He has been outfitting for over a decade and since the inception of Oregon Backcountry Outfitting, he is able to boast an incredible success rate for guided hunts across the state of Oregon (though he likely won't tell you about it), including trophy bulls, especially in the highly sought-after Wenaha unit. Did you know it's give-or-take 20 years to draw a tag in that unit?! Crazy.

Oregon Backcountry Outfitting holds permits in multiple hunting units across the state of Oregon. Brian Sanders has guided at least one hunt in every auction tag animals. He is constantly out in the wilderness taking inventory of different animals.

An Eastern Oregon native, Brian has spent his life packing, hunting, and trapping, making it no surprise Oregon Backcountry Outfitting is also operating the Wallowa Lake Pack Station, making sure there's outdoor activities for everyone... that likes outdoors that is. What would you rather do, go on a pack trip, or a hunting trip... or both?

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