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When was Geico founded?

I switched to Geico. Yep, I'm officially part of the Geico Gecko squad. I had a wonderful representative who went over all of my coverage options and walked me through price differences. She was friendly and knowledgable and was what lead me to today's Daily Doodle! I was unaware Geico was originally founded decades ago. You hear about it on the commercials, but I just figured it was a "Mom and Pop" shop who was bought out by the new company, Geico. Nope, Government Employees Insurance Company, or "GEICO", was founded in 1936 by Leo and Lillian Goodwin.

What I love most about this Daily Doodle was there were no questionable sources, no sifting for what I believed to be the most accurate or true information, just straight up Geico telling their history. It was a nice change. It had a whole timeline of events which have been important in their history actually, including Warren Buffet buying his first Geico stock in 1951 (he would ultimately end up purchasing all outstanding stock in 1996 making Geico a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.). And that was right before the 1999 introduction of the ever-so-popular Geico Gecko™ the subject matter of today's Daily Doodle!

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