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When was Disney's 101 Dalmatians released?

Today's doodle is #101... And as I mentioned earlier, watching Disney's 101 Dalmatians intro was one of my first memories of wanting to become an artist. So what better doodle for today than to honor 101 Dalmatians?!

Walt Disney secured the film rights from Dodie Smith in 1956 immediately after reading her story. A story which is based loosely on true events. Her Dalmatian actually had 15 puppies, and a friend did make the comment the Dalmatians would make a lovely fur coat. The movie was first released on January 25, 1961 in America.

The film itself was actually quite spectacular from a behind-the-scenes perspective. 101 Dalmatians was the first Disney movies to use Xerography. Art director Ken Anderson utilized a brand new photocopying technique called xerography. To make production less time consuming, and drawings more complex, he came up with the idea of overlaying cels of line drawings over painted backgrounds to match Xeroxed cels of the characters (this process was used for the next 20 years in most of Disney’s animated films). Artists used over 800 gallons of special paint (weighing 5 tons) while they were producing the film’s animation cels and backgrounds (that’s enough paint to cover about 15 football fields).

Normally, Disney movies had assigned teams of several artists to work on a particular character, however, for Cruella De Vil, Marc Davis was the only artist who drew and animated her character. Disney also opted to use cardboard car models to create the cars in the film and their new xerox process to add them into the backgrounds.

What's your favorite Disney movie? Do you have any special memories about a particular movie?

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