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When did the T.V. show She-Ra first air?

It's another birthday!! I love birthdays, have I mentioned that?! My friend made a Daily Doodle request for "She-Ra... or Swift Wind... oh or both! But no pressure". Girl, She-Ra is going to be EASY after the signature I just painted! Oh yes, this is a start of a new signature! 10 days per signature, I have finished 8 signatures thus far (the first signature has 3 blank pages in the beginning for the title page and maybe a dedication page and explanation... I'm not sure yet, that's why they're blank).

Ok, on to She-Ra. I had never even heard of She-Ra before my friend mentioned it. She was aghast. Now to be fair, The first episode aired September 9, 1985 before I was born and was cancelled after two seasons... so I wasn't even old enough to watch TV by the time it was off the air, so I'm really not super surprised I haven't seen it until this year. Though I haven't seen all the episodes and by no means can call myself a true fan, I have watched a couple original episodes and some reboot episodes. Yes, there is a reboot (thanks, Netflix), and the first season (again, thank you, Netflix) aired November 13, 2018.

The original She-Ra: Princess of Power was intended to capture the interest of young girls like He-Man had for young boys. She-Ra was first introduced in the movie The Secret of the Sword. Her character started as a Horde captain (the bad guys) but then she discovered (along with the audience) she was the long lost twin of He-Man (the prince of the rebellion) and in fact belonged on the side of the Great Rebellion. Very dramatic stuff, I assure you.

The reboot seems to follow a similar plot line (I guess except a key point in the beginning that she's an orphan rather than a twin of a boy), though fans of the original seem to be a bit off-put by the reboot. Some say the new show strips the princess of her beauty, while others say, you just don't like her because she isn't sexy (link left off due to age appropriateness... if you Google it, you'll find the info). I'm easy when it comes to cartoons, so I like them both, though I wouldn't mind if the Reboot She-Ra kept the same face once she transforms from Adora to She-Ra... I think it has something to do with the black outlines in her eyes... I prefer the dark definition over the fair skin transition to white and blue eyes with limited black... The reboot version is definitely more diverse as far as the characters go, that's for sure, and I appreciate this fact! If you want to take a look at some basic design differences between the original and the reboot, click here.

Bottom line, it's worth a view if you have time, and Swift Wind (She-Ra's talking Unicorn) is so cool (he doesn't have copper mane, tail and hooves, but for my doodle, he said he wanted them)! Netflix has the reboot and you can find some Original episodes on YouTube.

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