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When did Rainier Beer come out?

I'm not really an alcohol drinker. But I do know some people who are. And one specific alcohol I've been hearing a lot about lately is Rainier Beer. Apparently, you can only find it in select states. And this beer seems to have a 'love it or hate it' type following.

Seattle was a bustling hub of fisherman and loggers and soon a brewery was born. A.B. Rabbeson started Seattle's first commercial brewery, named Washington Brewery. Rabbeson established the Seattle Brewery in 1872 and introduced Rainier Beer in 1878, 11 years before Washington became a state.

In 1883, John Kopp and Andrew Hemrich, founders of Seattle Brewing & Malting, acquired Rabbeson's brewery, and with it came Rainier Beer.

In 1916, prohibition passed in Washington State so the production was moved to California until prohibition was country wide. Production then moved to Canada until prohibition ended in 1933. At the end of Prohibition, Seattle Brewing and Malting was acquired by Fritz and Emil Sick and the Rainier brand name was proudly re-launched.

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