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When did Michael Jordan do his famous free-throw line dunk?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my younger big brother (he will always be younger than me, but he was bigger than me by probably 6th grade)! He has always loved Michael Jordan. My dad even poured a basketball slab and we painted an Air Jordan logo in the middle. So it makes sense he requested MJ as the topic for his Daily Doodle.

There are so many fun facts about Jordan, but I think he's most famous for his dunk. I'm talking about THE dunk... the free-throw line dunk. The dunk was so well-known that it became the logo for his brand, Air Jordan. He showed off the dunk in the 1987 dunk contest, in front of a roaring crowd, and not surprisingly, he took him the trophy for first place. He returned in 1988, ready to prove he was the best, once again, though no one had ever won a back to back dunk contest. The 1988 dunk contest final between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins has been touted as the most exciting dunk contests in history. The competition was neck-and-neck and Jordan needed a score of 48 to tie Wilkins... he pulled out his infamous dunk for the second year, in front of his home Chicago crowd, scored a perfect 50, and was the first back-to-back dunk champion.

Interestingly enough, Michael Jordan wasn't actually the first to complete the free-throw line dunk. It was Julius Erving who is credited with introducing the free-throw line dunk to the general public. During the 1976 ABA Slam Dunk Contest, Julius Erving leaped from the free-throw line (his heel was on the line) and completed the dunk. There have been others through the years who have also completed the free-throw line dunk (a list of a person's top ten can be found here), but none are as famous as Michael Jordan's.

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