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When did coffee day start?

Happy National Coffee Day. I would say personally I'm not really a coffee drinker. If I do have "coffee", it's more like creamer with some coffee flavoring, and I will likely take a few sips and then the mug will sit for a few days, maybe being reheated with the intention of drinking it, but probably not (my mom would be happy to share her accounts with you, I'm sure).

There are several people in my life who really enjoy coffee, some who would go as far to say they can't function without it. If you are a coffee celebrator and you want more than just one day to commemorate your favorite drink, you're in luck. Just wait for October 1, when it is International Coffee Day! Apparently the U.S. and Canada celebrate on September 29 where as most other countries celebrates on October 1.

National Coffee Day is promoted nationally within the US, with its origins coming from the National Coffee Association (NCA). The NCA is the major organizer who is behind this holiday and it is celebrated on September 29th, so the day of the week will vary by year. There are reports that say the NCA started promoting this awareness day back in 2005.

International coffee day is promoted globally around the world, with its origins coming from the International Coffee Organization (ICO). ICO is the international body that represents many foreign countries and is the organizer behind this holiday event which occurs every year on October 1.

During the ICO meeting March of 2014 held at the ICO headquarters, 22 Berners Street, London, UK, the council tabled a proposal to consider an International Coffee Day. The proposal was put forward by the Private Sector Consultative Board (PSCB) of the organization. The 77 Member States of the ICO then discussed this idea during the meeting and put it to a vote. The proposal was passed and it was agreed to, by ICO member states, to celebrate International Coffee Day annually on 1 October, starting 2015, instead of each country having a unique day.

This would help to create uniformity in the marketing awareness campaign by creating just one single day of celebration for lovers of coffee from around the world. ICO member governments represent 98% of world coffee production & 83% of world consumption with 42 exporting member countries and 35 importing member countries.

According to Google Trends, the national holiday is searched far more widely than International Coffee Day, though I would say those results may indicate a more consumer market than an actual interest by any person in regards to celebrating coffee day... people Googling about national coffee day probably care about where they can get free coffee in the country they're currently in, am I right?

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