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When did cheese sticks first appear?

Mmmm, cheese sticks. Stringy cheese, breaded and deep-fried... there isn't too much better than that! Yes, I ate some mozzarella cheese sticks today that were SOOOO good! I stretched the cheese to arms length and let it droop a bit before winding it into one big mouth full! So yes, cheese sticks are on my mind when I'm thinking about what I can do for my Daily Doodle.

Apparently, a recipe for cheese sticks first Appeared in a Medieval French guidebook titled, Le Ménagier de Paris, in 1393! I'm not going to lie, I dug pretty deep on this one to make sure I could trust my source. I actually read the translation and the recipe itself! This book was written as a guide for wives, with several recipes, including one for Pipefarces (breaded, fried cheese sticks).

Pretty safe to say that even back in Medieval France they knew what good! My only question now is when am I going to have some more?!

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