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What year did Cookie Monster come about?

Birthdays everyday, I love it! Though I must say, I'm starting to miss hugs... especially birthday hugs and "I haven't seen you for so long" hugs... those are going to be so great when I get to hard embrace people again... but I digress, let's get back to when Cookie Monster came about.

Jim Henson, an American puppeteer, actor, cartoonist, film maker, animator, screenwriter and all around creative genius, created three monsters who ate cookies for a General Mills commercial in 1966. Cookie Monster was known then by Wheel-Stealer, and apparently had teeth. The puppet also appeared in an IBM training film called Coffee Break Machine in a sketch titled, The Computer Dinner. The sketch was preformed a few times, including on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967.

Similar monsters were used in a Frito-Lay commercial but when Henson was offered to renew the contract, he declined. He was working on Sesame Street. Cookie Monster got his name and trademark blue fur in 1969 with the start of the world-wide show Sesame Street.

Cookie Monster was voiced by Frank Oz until replaced by David Rudman in the 2002 season of Sesame Street. Sesame Street is still running, having been on air now for over 50 years and shown in 120 countries with over 30 international versions in production.

I'm probably a Cookie Monster... relates the best... what about you? What Sesame Street character are you?

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