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What's the reason people say "Rabbit" at the beginning of each month?

How is it already November 30th?! This year has flown by. I was talking to my mom today and she reminded me to say "rabbit" tomorrow (first of the month). It's a tradition in my family to say "Rabbit" as the first word in the new month to bring you good luck. She also mentioned other people she knows do the same thing. So, naturally not yet having a Daily Doodle I took to Google.

While no source seemed to know where or when the superstition originated, the Farmer's Almanac noted the first time this superstition was mentioned in print was in 1909 by a British author who said his daughters say "rabbit, rabbit" at the first of the month for good luck. There was another source which mentioned saying it three times... and during WWII British pilots were known to say, "white rabbit" to bring them luck at any time, not just the first of the month. This tradition does seem to be the strongest in America and Great Britain.

While no one seems to know why this saying is a thing, it is presumed because rabbits have been a symbol of good luck for over 2000 years. Even former president Franklin D. Roosevelt carried a rabbits foot for luck.

In my family it was always just one "rabbit", but I don't see the harm in saying three "rabbit"s as it will cover all my bases. What do you think? Will you be saying, "rabbit" first thing tomorrow?

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