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What's the highest-scoring wild elk?

Today is the great David Frame's birthday. I met David Frame while he was filming elk and an elk hunter (though he also photographs and films copious other things) so I found it fitting to honor him and Oregon Backcountry Outfitting with a doodle about the largest scoring elk rack in recorded history.

The current record is a non-typical American Elk bull out of Utah scoring 478 5/8" on the Boone & Crockett scale and beat out the previous record holder by over 13". The record typical bull, know as The Winters Bull, scored 442 5/8", only 36" shy of the current world record holder. The Austad bull, also called the spider bull because of his was harvested in 2008 by Idaho hunter, Denny Austad. Denny Austad purchased the Utah Governors tag and was guided by MossBack Outfitters to the public-land giant on September 30, 2008.

Doyle Moss, the guide had dubbed the bull "Spider Bull" for its antler configuration, which splayed out in all directions like a spider's legs. It is an incredible elk and the only one on record with a gross score approaching the 500-inch mark, at 499 3/8. Official data dates back to 1830, according to the record-keeping club.

In case you're super interested (or actually know what all these measurements stand for), here are the key measurements: Length of main beam: Right 46 4/8 - Left 46 6/8 Inside spread: 36 5/8 Circ. of smallest place between 1st & 2nd points: Right 9 7/8 - Left 9 2/8 Number of ponts: Right 14 - Left 9

Though I'm soft-hearted and don't really "do the hunting thing" I can appreciate the mass of this bull. How about you? Hunter? Non-hunter? What's the biggest bull you've ever seen or been a part of?

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