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What is the world's smallest dolphin?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NANA!!! In my family, each person has their animal. I'm not exactly sure how we got them or bestowed them, but it's practically like a middle name. Well, my Nana is a dolphin. She's also quite petite, so I figured it would be fitting to ask what the smallest dolphin is for my Daily Doodle today.

Hector’s dolphins are the smallest and rarest marine dolphins in the world. They have distinct black facial markings, short stocky bodies and a dorsal fin shaped like almost like a Mickey Mouse ear.

There is a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin known as Maui’s dolphin that are the smallest of the Hector's dolphins and are critically endangered, with an estimated population of only 55. They are found only in the shallow coastal waters along western shores of New Zealand’s North Island.

This subspecies of dolphin can grow to around 4 – 6 feet in length and generally weigh around 95 – 115 pounds when fully matured. Is it weird that's basically my nana?!:)

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