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What is the oldest encyclopedia?

I've been using Encyclopedia Britannica as a source for a couple Daily Doodles and they have a banner that says "250 year anniversary"... so naturally I wondered if that was the oldest encyclopedia, and it is! Encyclopedia Britannica is the oldest english language encyclopedia, first published in Edinburgh, Scotland on December 10th, 1768! This means in a few days the encyclopedia will turn 251, and will have been online for 26 years! Pretty impressive in my book.

I've always loved encyclopedias! I used to sit in my room and read them (we had World Book Encyclopedias, but still very good) I loved knowing how much information I had at my fingertips! Mind you, this was before the internet was invented, so back then, having a set of encyclopedias meant you basically knew almost everything:)

As a side note, I do wish I had given myself more time for this doodle, as I would have liked to add more detail to the doodle, but a deal's a deal, and once I post that baby on my instagram, I think it's only fair to call it for the day and start again tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll be silly enough to ask the question "when was the internet invented"... good luck with that illustration... See you tomorrow:)

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