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What is the Definition of "Create"?

My word for 2020's Dream Board is 'Create'. It means to bring into existence. Far too often I’m a dreamer, not a doer. I love thinking... What-ifs, wouldn’t-this-be-cools, how-about-this… And I’m a rock star at ideas! However, when it comes time to actually make it… ehhhh, that’s another story.

So this year I WILL CREATE! I will buckle down and make things, even if they aren’t perfect, even if they need a couple of rough drafts before the final is apparent, I will make things.

I will finish the series of children’s books I started over a decade ago, I will host an art show starring myself, and I will not only make super cool Happy Mail for those I love, but I will actually sell them to pay for my paper addiction. I will create a bond with physical fitness, and heart health, creating a place where my body can find joy in being in a position other than sitting at a desk.

What would your word be for the New Year? Are you hoping to create anything this year, too?

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