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How tall can a tree grow?

This one is for my uncle! How tall can a tree grow? Researchers predict leaves cease to be viable around the 100 meter mark. The leaves produce the sugar which nourishes the tree. At a certain point the leaves' size limits their ability to sustain the tree.

That being said, the tallest tree in the world (found in 2006 in the California Redwood forest) measured 115.85 meters (379.7 feet) and is still growing. Measurements show the tree, known as 'Hyperion', is still growing at a rate of 1.5" per year!

That being said, there's another redwood called 'Paradox', which grows 7.4 inches per year. If they both continue at their current rate, 'Paradox' would overtake 'Hyperion' by 2031. Two other Redwoods are close behind. Helios is 114.1 meters (374.3 feet) and Daedalus is 110.8 meters (363.4 feet).

Hyperion is the equivalent of a 35 story skyscraper. Taller than the Statue of Liberty (305 feet) and Big Ben (316 feet). It will be fun to watch the growth rate and see how tall a tree can really grow!

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