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How old is Doublemint gum?

"Double your pleasure, double your fun, that's the statement of the great mint of Doublemint gum!" Yes, Doublemint gum, as a twin, I used to think this gum was made just for us, and our dad and uncle... and all the other twins we knew:)

Every once in awhile I actually think about being a twin. And yes, this jingle pops in my head, so go figure it becomes the Daily Doodle. So how long has this gum been around? Since 1914! That's 105 years! Pretty impressive in my book. Wrigley's introduced their Doublemint Twins in 1939 as illustrations, and 1959 they started using twin models... I'm sure making twins feel extra special:)

Janye and Joan Knoerzer were the first Doublemint twins at the age of 21. A couple other twins who were Doublemint Twins went on to find further fame including, Tia and Tamera Mowry who went on to star in 'Sister, Sister', Brittany and Cynthia Daniel, who starred in 'Sweet Valley High' and Patricia and Priscilla Barnstable who went on to do a spread for Playboy.

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