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How long is the longest longhorn?

My sister got my nephew a couple riding longhorns. One is young, so his horns aren't too big yet, but the other is pretty massive. Which begged the question, how long is the longest longhorn?!

A 7-year-old Texas longhorn named Poncho Via holds the Guinness World Record for his horn length as confirmed May 8, 2019. From tip to tip, Poncho's horns measure in at 10 feet and 7.4 inches, which is more than twice the width of a concert grand piano, according to Guinness.

The steer belongs to the Pope family in Alabama, who have raised him since was a 6-month-old weanling on their ranch called Green Acres in Goodwater, southeast of Birmingham.

Jeral Pope Sr. said he and his wife first came across Poncho when they were riding a hay wagon "somewhere out west" and spotted a group of longhorns. "They stood out like anything on the crest of that mountain -- it was the prettiest thing," Pope Sr. said. "I told my wife, we got to have one of them."

While Poncho Via surpassed his competition by several inches, he was overtaken by another longhorn about 5 months later. The 6-year-old longhorn from Rocksprings, Texas, measured 11 feet, 1.8 inches from tip to tip of his horns at the Horn Showcase in Oklahoma on Oct. 4-5, unofficially breaking the Guinness World Record. Bucklehead’s owners have submitted paperwork so the new record can be deemed official upon confirmation.

Marceala Gonzalez, 14, Bucklehead’s owner, won the longhorn five and a half years ago at a drawing where five breeders were donating steers. She got to pick whichever one she wanted and chose baby Bucklehead. Her brother, Leandro, is the longhorn’s handler and exhibitor.

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