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How big are blue whales?

Surprise! It's another friend's birthday and he is SUPER into whales. Every year I try to make him some cool whale related card. This year though, he gets a Daily Doodle too! So, what to pick?! There are so many cool whales out there! Ultimately the biggest question is how big are blue whales really?

The answer is actually shocking... we all know they are big, but did you know they're the biggest! For realsies! According to several sources, blue whales are actually thought to be the world's largest animal EVER! Yes, even bigger than the dinosaurs, and even bigger than the speculated size of a Megalodon.

Blue whales have measured up to 110 feet, and weigh around 150-200 tons (depending on your source). Now, disclaimer... "biggest" is regarding weight, there are slightly longer dinosaurs, but you wouldn't say an anaconda is "bigger" than an elephant just because it's longer than the elephant from trunk to tail would you?

Even at their average length of 70-90 feet long, blue whales are more than twice the length of the long school buses! and weigh the same as about 8 school buses! Their eye is about the size of a basketball, the heart has roughly the same volume as the interior of a mid-size car. Heck, even as new born baby a whale calf is as long as an ambulance and weighs as much as that mid-size car we were just talking about!

I do appreciate the saying, "you learn something new every day". Really, it's part of the reason I started this whole project in the first place. And I definitely learned something new today. I was shocked really when I found out blue whales were in fact the largest known animal! How about you?

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