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Do Hammerhead sharks lay eggs or give live birth?

Happy Hammerhead day! No, it's not actually a thing, I just declared April 7 Hammerhead day... but after all, isn't that how "days" come about? Someone says, "Happy this day!!" and you just go with it, because others go with it, and it may lead to some celebrating, and if you're lucky it will get big enough you get the day off work... Well, some of you may get the day off work today already, so you're welcome:) (Trying to the keep things light over here)

So my favorite show is Archer (the adult cartoon, not the live action superhero one), and in one of the episodes (Season 7 Episode 1- The Figgis Agency) Archer says, "Okay, A. I'm pretty sure chickens give live birth, like sharks" So, yes, I know chickens lay eggs, meaning I had to look up this shark egg-laying situation and found some sharks do, and some sharks don't. So what about Hammerhead Sharks specifically?

Hammerhead sharks give live birth! Poor mama shark...of all the sharks and the one with the wide head is a live birth... that being said, baby hammerheads are born with a more rounded head than their adult counterparts, so at least there's that! Baby hammerheads are called pups, and there are usually six to fifty pups in a litter. Talk about cuteness overload! I have seen a baby hammerhead, and it took all my willpower not to hug it!

I think Hammerhead sharks might be my favorite kind of shark.. though I watched a documentary on nurse sharks who like their bellies rubbed... so I mean, that is pretty awesome too. Do you have a favorite shark?

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