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Do eagles migrate?

I'm not sure about you, but I have seen a BUNCH of Bald Eagles this winter. I remember seeing them consistently as a child, but not as much in my 20's but now I see at least one every time I venture outside. I love them! I'm not sure if it's their symbolism or just the fact I love birds and the fact they fly (and especially ones who don't I suppose since penguins are my favorite!).

I was talking to my dad about their presence, and we both agreed they are more prevalent in the winter, and that lead us to wonder, "Do Eagles migrate?". We know there are loads of eagles in Alaska in the summer, like, a crazy amount! Basically they are like seagulls at a pier in Southern California! But obviously not as gross or annoying... anywho... So are they in Alaska in the summer and migrate south to Oregon for the winter or what?

Actually, some biologists say they are not migratory, just seasonal travelers...(I don't know about you but that kind of seems like the same thing, right?) Most sources I read say they only move as far south, or inland, as they need to find food. So when rivers and lakes start freezing around their nesting areas they will move far enough to find food. Which totally makes sense. HOWEVER... these sources also talk about how far and fast eagles can travel... they are quick (30 miles per hour) and have endurance (up to 225 miles per day). So I'm guessing it's not just as far as they need to find food, but more, far enough where they can find food AND hangout for the winter.

So the question remains, do eagles migrate? the answer is, some do, and some don't. It all depends on where they nest (if they were successful in raising young in a nest, they will return to it year after year). Eagles who live in temperate climates (think southeastern USA) won't move in the winter, those in cold weather places (think Alaska) will move, but not as far as songbirds. So I guess the answer is.... Kinda:)

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