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Daily Doodle Messenger - Day 21: Chimpanzee

I had the pleasure of having my nephews (almost 1 and almost 4) for a long weekend, and let me tell you, Mars retrograde is having no impact on their energy levels! The youngest is just learning to stand up on his own and the oldest wants to make sure you watch him do all the cool things he can do! If I'm being honest, it was like having two little monkeys hanging on me all weekend, which is what prompted the Daily Doodle Messenger of the Chimpanzee!

Day 21: Chimpanzee

Symbolism: Curiosity, playfulness, family, intellect, communication, caring, connection, nurturing

Message: Embrace curiosity and playfulness. Use them in combination with communication and your intellect and you will propel yourself beyond what you thought possible. Seek out your family, those who care about, nurture and connect with you.

I encourage you to share any insights, ah-ha moments, or special messengers that have graced you with a message as well.

Love and light,


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