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Daily Doodle Messenger - Day 18: Turquoise

Happy December 1st! I thought it would be fitting to paint one of the December birthstones! Happy Solar Return month to all you December babies! This one is for you... you and anyone else who needs to hear this message right now. :)

I really love the color turquoise, and in several native cultures, the color was just as important as the stone itself, with marking to indicate to the viewer to imagine that color if the color couldn't be achieved! How cool is that?

Day 18: Turquoise

Symbolism: Financial abundance, protection, healing, love, connection

Message: Embrace the love and connection you have with others. Look at your finances and your relationship with money; it often mirrors your self-esteem. If there’s a fissure in this (or any other) relationship, honor the healing journey.

I encourage you to share any insights, ah-ha moments, or special messengers that have graced you with a message as well.

Love and light,


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