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Daily Doodle Messenger - Day 16: Meadowlark

I was feeling joyful this morning and wondered what Messenger I would paint today. I was thinking about happiness, the color yellow, my nana... and then it became clear! My spirit messenger today was going to be the meadowlark, more specifically, the meadowlark signing in the Audubon magazine my nana loves so much! Talk about inspiration, happiness, wit... all the things!

Day 16: Meadowlark

Symbolism: Joy, happiness, hope, positivity, clarity, cheer, enlightenment, inspiration, wit, communication, being heard

Message: You can find lasting joy and happiness when you align with hope, positivity, and your life’s true purpose. You’re wiser than you think. Connect with your creativity and communicate your needs.

I encourage you to share any insights, ah-ha moments, or special messengers that have graced you with a message as well.

Love and light,


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