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Who started Black Cat Day?

Happy Black Cat day! I LOVE black cats. They are my absolute FAVORITE!!! I got a black cat for my 5th birthday and she was with me until she was 22 years old. We were so connected that when I was traveling (literally halfway around the world from her) I had a dream I was holding her as she passed away. Of course I woke up in tears and immediately called my parents (who were caring for her while I was away) and they told me they had to put her down ... 20 minutes before I called. If that's not connection, I'm not sure what is then! I am always super excited to see a black cat, and it is so surprising to me there are people who actually think black cats are bad luck, but I guess there's plenty of people who feel that way.

Black Cat Day was created in 2011 by Cats Protection in order to celebrate beautiful black cats.

Cats Protection is UK's leading cat welfare charity, founded in 1927. When the campaign was first launched, it was revealed that it took black cats an average of a week longer to find a home when compared with other colored cats. Because of this, the campaign was set-up to celebrate black cats and to help promote them as beautiful pets that deserve as much love and attention as other cats... or more attention and love if you ask me! 

In order to understand a bit more about Black Cat Day and why it is so important, we need to look at the history of black cats in terms of them being viewed negatively! This can largely be linked to the Middle Ages where people, especially those in the Catholic Church, believed that witches were shape-shifting black cats.

It’s worth pointing out there are a lot of myths and superstitions regarding black cats, and many of them are actually positive. For example, in sailing lore, having a black kitten on a ship is said to calm both the sea and the wind.

In England, if a Black Cat visits your hotel, B&B, or inn, you are encouraged to welcome the cat nicely, as the cat will bring more patrons. There are some other superstitions in England regarding black cats as well, for example, if a black cat walks in front of you, it is said the cat will take your troubles away. Also, a pudgy black cat is believed to be a charm for a great marriage. 

In Scotland, it is believed that placing black kittens on your porch will attract positive events and allay misfortune. In Early America, they believed that black cats had magical powers in their bones, which attracted power and good fortune. 

In Japan there is a cafe where black cats are allowed to roam freely. Nekobiyaka Cat Cafe, as the name suggests, pays tribute to black cats. In this restaurant, you pay $10 and you will be able to spend an hour with kitties while you enjoy a beer or a soda. Every cat wears a different color bandana so that you are able to tell them apart. 

I hope you join me in celebrating this wonderful holiday. The campaign is on it's 10th year and black cat adoption rates have shown improvement! The next time you see a black cat, think of me, smile and embrace the love and GOOD luck the cat is sure to bring.

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