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Where did aspen trees originate?

First off, happy birthday to my AUNT!! She is so crafty and artistic, and was the person who inspired my love of card making. Her cards are simply phenomenal (you can check some of them out here)!

When I think of tangible things which remind me of her I think of handmade cards, photography, and aspens. And since I was at a loss for how to paint handmade cards, and I already tackled who took the first photo... Aspens it is, and the cool part is my reference photo for today's Daily Doodle is one my aunt took!

I learned a lot researching today's Daily Doodle! Foremost, aspens are native to North America. Not super surprising since they're all over. Turns out they're considered the most widespread tree IN North America. AND, did you know aspens are actually one giant organism, not individual trees!? So that aspen grove (or stand as they call it) you see dancing in the wind aren't a bunch of different trees, it's actually one root system and those are all genetic clones!!!

In fact, the oldest living organism is a stand of aspens in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, at over 80,000 year old!! How crazy is that?! I mean, 80,000 years old, that's incredible. It's also the heaviest, weighing at an estimated 6,600 tons!

Bottom line, aspens are beautiful and vibrant and they remind me of my aunt. I am thankful for their presence, and hers, in my life!

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